Toe Spring

The toe spring of a shoe is the upward curvature of the end of the toe box of a shoe.

9 : toe spring

In a traditional rigid-soled running shoe, the toe spring creates a “rocker” effect that facilitates a heel strike.  The rigidity of the sole would keep the toes in a dorsiflexion position, which makes a natural (or FFS) running gait very difficult.  Because of this, barefoot and minimalist shoes tend to have little to no toe spring [1].

Although many minimalist shoes still have a toe spring the major difference is that minimalist shoes usually have a flexible sole, which allows the toes to flatten the up-curved toe during foot landing.  In effect, the toe spring is eliminated and does not affect gait.



[1]  Accessed 4/17/2012

Image:  Accessed 3/26/2012


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