Side Panels

Quarters or quarter panels are the upper part of the shoe  covering the sides and back part of the shoe. Normally, quarter panels are where most brands choose to place their logos [1].

The top edge of the sides and back of the quarter panels
describe the topline. In athletic shoes the topline is usually padded and referred to as a collar. The medial and lateral sections join in a seam at the posterior end of the shoe. The heel section of the quarter is frequently reinforced with a stiffener to help support the rearfoot.

The counter is a component of the quarter at the back end of the shoe that stabilises the hindfoot (heel) in the shoe and retains the shape of the posterior portion of the shoe. Counters are usually made from fibreboard, heat moulded plastic, leather or a combination of the three. In some orthopedic and athletic shoes,  a counter will extend medially to support the heel and prevent prolonged pronation [2].













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Image  Accessed 3/26/2012  Accessed 3/26/2012


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