Normal Arch

An individual with normal arch usually neutrally pronates and initially strikes the ground on the lateral side of the heel.  As the individual transfers weight from the heel to the front of the foot, the foot rolls such that the weight is distributed evenly across the foot.

This rolling inwards motion as the foot progresses from heel to toe is the way that the body naturally absorbs shock. Neutral pronation is the most ideal, efficient type of gait.

Shoe Recommendations

  • Stability Shoes

Stability shoes are for runners who have normal or medium arches who are mild to moderate overpronators. These shoes have some medial support and good midsole cushioning. Because normal or medium arches are the most common foot type, most runners will be comfortable running in Stability shoes.

  • Minimalist Shoes

Running Barefoot is the oldest form of exercise. Minimalist shoes allow for a barefoot-like experience, with some protection from external environmental elements. Natural running does just that − allows your feet to work naturally, while mostly strengthening your lower leg and foot muscles. [2]








[1] picture:

[2] “Shoe Fit Guide”


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