High Arch

Similar to flat foot, having a high arch is a hereditary condition, but can also occur when muscles in the foot contract or become unbalanced due to nerve or muscle disorders [1].

Shoe Recommendation

  • Neutral Cushioning Shoes

A neutral cushioning shoe is best for runners with a high arch who lack appropriate pronation and shock absorption.  These shoes do not have stiff medial arch supports but are more concerned with midsole cushioning.  High arch runners tend to under pronate- meaning that their feet do not pronate enough during landing preventing adequate shock absorption.  Because of this, high arch runners will benefit from a shoe with a flexible midsole which will allow their arches to pronate slightly and absorb the impact shock. Along with a runner who does not overpronate, Neutral Cushioned shoes also work well for midfoot and forefoot strikers. [1]


[1] “Foot Pain: High Arches and Flat Feet”:  http://adam.about.net/reports/000061_10.htm.  Accessed 4/28/2012


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