The fit of the shoe depends on the sport, event, distance and foot conditions such as abnormal arches, bunions, or joint weakness.  The two main types of fit used in athletics are: Glove like and Slipper like.

1. Glove Like

Glove Like fit is characterized as a tight fit with no extra wiggle room or space.  Usually snug everywhere allowing minimal to no slippage of the foot during movement.  To acquire an appropriate glove like fit, professionals recommend wearing at least half a shoe size smaller than the size of your every day training shoe [1].

The glove like fit is mostly used for short sprints to middle distance fast paced races.  A shoe that is glove like is not recommended for longer events or activities due to their light-weight and little support.



2.  Slipper Like

The Slipper like fit provides more wiggle room for the toes than the Glove like fit.  Although it is still snug around the heel and arch, the slipper like fit generally provides extra room for the toes for those longer events.








Images :  Accessed 4/18/2012


[1]  Accessed 4/18/2012


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