Basketball is a team sport involving quick feet movements, jumping, fast-paced running and changes in direction. With jump shots, lay-ups, slam dunks, pivoting and rapid changes in direction the forces on the ankle can be extreme.

The best type of basketball sneakers provide a high collar design to provide ankle stability and support during quick pivotal movements to change direction and during jumping.

Features essential in any good basketball footwear include:

Laces are essential because they help secure the foot back in the heel counter of the basketball shoes. This allows the forefoot to have enough room by reducjing forward pressure onto the toes.

This is important to prevent compression of the toes and foot. If the width of the shoes is too narrow, this can cause pressure on the toes which may lead to blisters, the formation of corns, callus, ingrown toe nails and/or bruised toe nails.  When buying basketball shoes, make sure the shoe fits slightly big rather than “just right.”

Basketball shoes should bend only at the ball of the foot at the base of the toes and not through the arch.  If the shoe bends too much, it might be too big and a smaller size should be considered.

There should be little to no heel slippage.  The heel counter should fit firmly and feel snug to keep the heel and the foot stable and prevent blisters.  Remember that your feet will swell during exercise, so if you are trying shoes on at the store picking the size that is slightly bigger is better than the size that fits just right.

The outersole or outsole of a good basketball shoes is flat.  This maximizes surface area of the sole that contacts the ground which helps sudden stopping and rapid directional changes. Outer soles should be designed to allow enough friction against the floor to avoid slipping.

Heel base should be broad.  The smaller and narrower the heel base is, the less contact you have with the ground thereby increasing your instability and decreasing friction between the shoe and the floor. [1]











[1]  Accessed 3/24/2012

Image:  Accessed 4/15/2012


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